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Welcome to Paks Karate.

Thank you for your interest in the Korean art of self-defense. Tang Soo Do has much to offer, in addition to self-defense. Increased concentration, self-discipline, physical fitness, stress management and much more!

Tiny Tigers Class


Our children’s programs are age specific. The Tiny Tiger Program is for 4 and 5 year olds and the Tiger program is for 6 through 12 year olds. We understand that younger students have shorter attention spans. Our unique children’s programs use interesting and enjoyable methods to keep children’s attention and teach them skills that they can use for life. We believe in praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement..​

Each month students focus on a life skill topic as well as a self-defense topic. Students will learn life skills such as how to be a good listener or the importance of respect and manners as well as valuable self-defense skills like stranger danger and knowing who is a trusted adult. These topics are combined with martial arts techniques designed specifically for their age.

Teen and Adults Class


Our Teen and Martial Arts classes are designed to improve your cardiovascular health, flexibility, as well as help you lose weight and increase your muscle strength. These classes will give you an incredible workout that will leave you stronger, healthier and full of energy, all while giving you valuable self-defense skills and the confidence to use them in any situation.

Pak's Karate's Teen and Adult Martial Arts classes will teach you blazing kicks, rapid-fire punches and impressive blocking techniques that involve every muscle in your body. With our T.S.D. classes, you will get fit and healthy in no time while learning increasingly challenging and precise movements and developing effective self-defense.

Pak's Karate's Teen and Adult classes will help you become more confident, control your weight, endurance, strength and overall fitness while developing life-saving self defense skills. Whether you're looking to get in shape, reduce your stress or meet new people, our Teen and Adult Martial Arts classes are right for you.

After School Program


Transported After School Martial Arts (TASMA) is a practical and constructive alternative to daycare, extended day care, or baby sitting.

By allowing the students to participate in a structured and comprehensive Martial Arts After School program, we are able to provide an environment that is conducive to all of the positive character elements that are needed for your child to develop into a world class citizen. Your child will get physical exercise, learn discipline, manners, respect for teachers and others, as well as build the foundation for positive self-esteem. 


Chen Style Taiji

(Tai Chi)


For thousands of years, Taiji has opened hearts & minds with its gentle, flowing movement. Helping people live peaceful, joyful lives. Experience the life-changing program with our Taiji Classes

Centuries upon centuries ago, Chinese martial artists uncovered movements that tapped into their inner-self. These movements release anger, pain & frustration and welcome peace, joy and bliss into your life. Don’t let the words “martial art” scare you away! Taiji is gentle and non-intimidating. These classes are in no way about violence, self-defense, or fighting. They’re about healthy exercise and internal peace, plain and simple. We’re very passionate about Taiji here. For years, it’s been an important, healing part of our lives and culture. Our goal is to share this passion with you, so you can experience the incredible benefits Taiji has to offer.

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